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Did you know Divorce is being sold to YOU?

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Selling Divorce in the West Self-sabotage is often very simple yet hard to grasp for the average person. The truth is.....we don't control our behavior in the way we think or the way we're taught. If you knew how your behavior was manufactured by the repetitive content in your environment, you would really pay more attention to the repetitive content in your environment. The people who have a great deal of control over us know that our subconscious mind is literally designed as a repetitive content identifier. Once the repetitive content is identified, our subconscious forces us to act it out, beyond our conscious awareness.

The people who do social engineering control behavior, through repetitive screen content, because they understand how the subconscious mind works......while the average screen watcher has no clue how their subconscious mind works. Whatever our social engineers want us to do, they simply make us see that particular repetitive content on the screen and we act it out. The repetitive content we're exposed to purposely, by social engineers, is always negative.......which in turn makes us easier to rule, manipulate, steal from, lie to, govern, poison and control.

Here's a good video explanation regarding how divorce has been purposely accelerated through screen media, to destabilize our society and culture.

Women are programmed in one way (mostly negative) and men are programmed in other ways ... yet always negative as well. More on this later. All on purpose, all by design, all without our conscious awareness, all well-documented cause and effect. As an experiment stop for a moment and think how many of your friends, family members or maybe you also are divorced. If you're curious as to how all this mental manipulation works and how to protect yourself from it DROP me a line personally at for more information."

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