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Insider Strategies to and for YOU Becoming a Master in Performance and Life


Speaking & Workshops


I speak to and for anyone interested in creating and living inspired authentically powerful lives and Mastering their Performance in their chosen field and life. We can explore:



Family Constellations


Offering one of the most powerful, Spiritual healing modalities on the planet. Family Constellation work. This event is a combination of therapy, Ancestral healing, Soul work and much more.


Many of our struggles in life are generational. Meaning the patterns you're stuck in, many times didn't begin with you.


Chronic illness, financial failure, broken intimacy, horrible family relationships can all be the result of generational trauma and unresolved generational wounds.


All shamans have a way of working at this level if bringing healing to those they are working with by working with that person's family Field and energetic system.


Most western modalities do not.


Your energetic Field and your families energetic Field have a HUGE influence on who you are, your struggles and your successes and failures.


This experience will be mystical, Spiritual, deep, therapeutic, healing and more.

This is a hands-on event. It is experiential and you will get to participate as you wish.






























Owning The Zone


The Zone is a mystical experience shared by many of this generation’s greatest athletes. Owning the Zone takes a comprehensive look at all areas of this quest to discover what many people believe only a selected few experiences. Is the Zone only available to elite athletes or can peak performance be achieved by anyone?
















 Are you free from the limitations of your past, living your dreams and manifesting your goals or   are you continually repeating unconscious patterns? Learn to create your life the way you desire   and deserve to live. Let me guide you through this program that was designed using Family   Constellations, NLP and much more to erase the programming that holds you back so you can    OWN the ZONE through Mastering Performance NOW!


Responsible Communication for Coaches

This is an OPPORTUNITY for CHANGE. Discover the internal cues that lead you to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and BELIEVE in others. As a coach, teacher, trainer, manager, you are motivated and curious to discover and learn how to utilize your skills for the purpose of achieving excellence. The key to Responsible Communication is recognizing the messages you send to others, so that you can anticipate their response.


The Art n' Tool of the Pitch

Great ideas are only passing thoughts unless they’re shared with those who can help bring them to life!


Many people jump at the chance to help manifest meaningful visions, given the chance. They just need to know how they can help in a way that works for them. Learn to communicate effectively and easily so that you can allow others to interact with the most meaningful parts of yourself – you have something powerful to give: your dreams! Dreams that will help others achieve greater potential in their own life.


But how do you ask for what you need from virtual strangers?


Pitching an idea to a potential investor is about conversation and relationship. Anyone can learn it, and you probably already have many of the skills. You just need to know how to put them together into a compelling presentation.




A few Past Speaking & Workshop Engagements:


Soccer Quest

Summit Fitness

Super Achievers Academy

Selkirk College

Nelson District Community Center

Success by 6

Shanti Yoga Nelson

Banff TV Festival

University of British Columbia

Electronic Arts University

Vancouver Film School

Canadian Figure Skating Association

Choice Learning Center

KPMG & Associates

Zenith Graphics



Nice things people have said about Colli


“Dear Colli (Miss Lighthouse)...How you shine so bright...Lost souls are attracted because of your shinning light and your powerful posture. Wind nor shine sleet nor rain your light is on.” My recent work with Colli has molded me into a highly motivated individual with clear life passions. I believe that any person who has the opportunity to work with Colli and to incorporate her tutelage towards peak performance and “Owning The Zone” would be a better athlete and person.

Robbie Ames (General Manager of Sea Pines Country Club, Hilton Head, South Carolina


 "Colli K Christante is the most compelling, stimulating and charismatic interviewer with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. She had really done her homework and the depth of her questions propelled our talk together into surprising areas. I found myself thinking about and talking about issues that I had never even approached in interviews before. Colli has a unique, disarming and totally charming way of getting to the heart of the matter and I enjoyed myself immensely. After seeing the tape of the interview, I felt- and still feel-that "Colli is the BEST INTERVIEWER that I have ever experienced"

 Stephen Simon Producer What Dreams May Come, Somewhere in Time and Creator of Spiritual Cinema Circles


Like every integral leader, Colli’s goal was to inspire every student to broaden their horizons and widen their scope of improvement.  In a class with a finite Colli exuded original vision, relentless passion and no question went unanswered.  She led not because she had been handed the scepter but because that was the most natural thing to do. I thank you for your continuous encouragement. You're the best!”run she was able to push up and send every student a little closer to success.  And the reason she was able to do so was due to her empathy for the bright and ordinary alike. 

 Sam Mukherjee, Award Winning Screen Writer., Toronto, Ont



“An interesting lady sensitive and intelligent. Colli’s spirit of life is unique; Her eyes have soul to them; her brain is alive and active. Great combination”

 George Karl-Head Coach, Milwaukee Bucks



“Colli turned my life around”

T.S National Swim Team Member


“I can’t explain it, it’s that thing she does. It does everything.”

B.K Head Coach for North Vancouver Wolfpacks



“I must thank you for your support and guidance through the year and I look forward to working with you on BECOMING MAGNUM.”

 Love and Gratitude,

M Bennet, Producer/Director



Working together


When you inquire about my fees and logistics, please let me know about the nature and vision of your event, timing, and budget. We can work together to tailor something meaningful and engaging for your audience or group.


I usually speak for one hour or ninety minute segments, and can bring workshop components into a presentation or create a longer, more in-depth experience.


Let's schedule a conversation: 306-716-9218 or innerexpression88@gmail.com



 Awakening & Rekindling Desire

The Essential Ingredient in Healing Trauma

Desire is a fundamental part of our freedom and happiness.

~ Esther Perel

 When you have been wounded, dehumanized, violated, somebody has used you, exploited you, you become traumatized and you struggle to come back. Some of us come back and have just survived but we are not truly alive ...



But some of you have come back to life and alive and that implies being playful,  taking risks being creative, daring which is different than just being safe. This is why Awakening & Rekindling Desire is the Essential Ingredient of  Healing Trauma ... There is a difference between NOT just feeling dead and feeling alive.


Once you put desire as the central organizing principal this is a place where we go to connect, express ourselves that manifests true desire in all areas including sexuality to experience in life aliveness, a life of vibrancy, playfulness.


DESIRE is owning the wanting and showing up. To experience Desire If desire requires a basic sense of self-worth. If there is a want there has to be an I and that I have to feel special enough to experience their desires. Do you believe you are worthy enough? Important enough? Loveable? Without having to work for it. Just because you are. Just because Loveable and desirable are the essential preconditions for DESIRE!!!

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