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Freedom From Self Sabotage 

Self-sabotage is any behavior by which a person actively inhibits or destroys their own potential for greatness, happiness or prosperity, without understanding why they’re doing it.

Often it manifests as various addictions, ill health or different forms of perpetual “busyness” or chaos.

The chronic self-saboteur is involved in constant cycles of try and fail, with very little positive headway to show for their efforts. They may join a gym, start a diet, commit to address an unhealthy addiction or promise themselves never to date or marry “another person like that again” etc, but the saboteur ends up right back where they started, several months or even years later.


The saboteur constantly starts fires in their own life, without seeing the patterns or understanding the solutions. It’s almost like the saboteur is programmed to be the exact same person, to act the same way, to have the same income, to never get ahead and to have the exact same life they’ve always had, regardless of how hard they try to change.

If you find that you are not achieving or manifesting or living in the fullness, beauty, joy, peace, and freedom that you know you should be, chances are you are self-sabotaging. If you notice that others around you seem to be succeeding, thriving, and achieving so much more than you in areas where you have equal or even better skills, talents, and abilities, it's very likely you are suffering from self-sabotage. 

But don't feel bad about it. It's very natural. Until and unless we deeply know that we deserve happiness, peace, and fulfillment, we will keep ensuring that it never comes. We continue to simply fulfill a false and negative belief about the self.


If you believe that you are unworthy of love, subconsciously, you will make sure to act in ways such that no one loves you. If you believe that you are unworthy of abundance, you will ensure that you act in ways such that you always live in scarcity. If you believe that you are not good enough, you will ensure that whatever you do ends in failure. This is why changing belief patterns and freeing ourselves of that ego is so important. 

Obviously, this can be a very frustrating feeling but there are concrete solutions for overcoming these cycles.


Reprogram for Success and

Abundance in all Areas of Life.

The solutions involve the following areas of education:

  • Becoming aware of HIDDEN LOYALTIES which is not known by many and takes an expert trained in this to uncover yours.

  • Understanding why the brain is easily tricked into these self-sabotaging cycles.

  • Explaining how your health impacts the intensity and frequency of your self-sabotage.

  • Reviewing your in-depth questionnaire that will reveal where you’re actively sabotaging in your own life.

  • customizing a personal action plan for yourself regarding what you need to do in order to overcome your self-sabotage.

  • If required additional Hypnotherapy in regards to reprogramming and rearranging the belief systems, ideas and behaviours that are holding you back can be arranged.

The overcoming self-sabotage process I use goes as follows:

  • I send you an in-depth questionnaire that’s written in a way where it will expose your personal self sabotaging behaviors and belief systems.

  • After you fill out the questionnaire, I’ll send you a selection of short videos to watch, which will aid in our coaching session.

  • Once the questionnaire is filled out and the videos watched, we’re then ready to meet one on one for our coaching calls via ZOOM. (or video chat on other live meeting platforms etc) We engage together for 2 x 1.5 - 2.0 hour calls, 1 week apart. In these sessions we’re going to address your areas of self-sabotage, exactly where your behavior is coming from and how to remedy the situation with proven solutions.

  • Once our 1 on 1 sessions are complete, I send you a final summation of our time together, which includes our recorded sessions and your solutions.

  • If your situation warrants, I may suggest further Hypnotherapy in regards to reprogramming and rearranging the belief systems, ideas, and behaviors that are holding you back.

  • My prep time (reviewing your questionnaire etc) and direct time with each client via ZOOM is approximately 9 - 10 hours. I invest 9 - 10 hours directly in each client’s file and always answer my client’s questions for any follow-up they may require. I’m your coach for life. 


This option for overcoming self-sabotage is highly effective at:

  • Lose weight and getting fit.

  • Build better relationships with your loved ones and the people around 

  • Increasing your health and decreasing your disease 

  • Feeling inspired, empowered 

  • Becoming more confident, outgoing, happy and satisfied in your 

  • Getting your finances in better shape

  • Starting that business you’ve always wanted to 

  • Walking freely into a better way of life

  • Taking effective action 

  • Seeing the toxin and indoctrination-based control grid that has always existed in front of you and preparing you for an empowered life outside that control 

  • Reconnecting with who you are and helping you rebuild your intellectual, spiritual, physical and financial strength.

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