Freedom From Self Sabotage 

This Is The Part of Your Brain Driving Your Self Sabotage

In prison, the worst punishment is being put in “isolation.”


Inside the human genome is ancient information and that information is transferred through vibration outwards, to every cell in our bodies. The human DNA vibrates loud enough to impact the people around us as well, meaning that we not only take in the vibrational information from our own genetic code, we pick up the vibration of the people around us as well. In regards to being “isolated” or “alone”……the body registers such behavior as extremely detrimental to our chances of survival.


All humans share this same basic fear. That’s why being put in “isolation” in prison, is the ultimate form of human punishment. Our body would rather be in a group, herd, or crowd. The biggest group, herd, or crowd always registers as the “safest” or “most secure”.

Our subconscious mind, driven by this ancient genetic need to fit in, doesn’t care about morality, ethics, right or wrong, success, happiness, wealth, health, etc. IT CARES ABOUT NOTHING OTHER THAN TRYING TO FIND THE BIGGEST HERD TO BLEND INTO. This foundational survival tactic is simple…..” fit in with the herd no matter what it takes”. Now, this may sound logical, but this is also why people self-sabotage.


For example, if you’re brought up in a smoking family, the chances you’re going to smoke or self-abuse in some other way are astronomical……….because your “group” are a bunch of self abusers. Your subconscious doesn’t care AT ALL that smoking causes cancer or that you’re going to look like a wrinkled old prune in your 30’s, who can’t find a suitable mate because you’re so sick, ugly, and dis-empowered.

Your subconscious survival-based programming is all about “go along to get along”….regardless of any other factor. This is why people drink caffeine poison every morning, work jobs they don’t like, and get married “in their early thirties or late twenties”. This is also why people “ask their doctor” for toxic medications that only make them sicker, why they vote for mentally imbalanced people to rule them, and why they carry cancer-causing cell phones in their pockets.


It’s all because that’s what everyone else is doing….so it’s just safer to follow along. The primary operating system in your body for behavior is actually a NON-THINKING COMPUTER PROGRAM, based solely on following, fitting in, and complying with herd consensus. This subconscious BEHAVIOR CODE does indeed make people fat, broke, sick and depressed….especially in this day and age. But there is hope. You can indeed trick the subconscious mind to run after your best life.

The Tools Most Saboteurs Use To Attack Themselves...... Imagine a garden shed full of different tools. In the realm of self sabotage, each saboteur has their own garden shed full of self sabotage tools. In the end, the subconscious (the part of our mind involved in self sabotage) is perfectly OK with you using any tool what so ever to keep yourself down. The subconscious knows that the application of any self-attacking or self-abusive tool will do, in the war to find safety alongside the mediocre and underachieving masses. The subconscious is all about safety, security, and survival.


The easiest way to survive is to find safety in the majority or in the middle of the biggest herd. The biggest herd today is overweight, medicated, disempowered, diseased, depressed and dysfunctional. The subconscious has no emotional skin in the game, regarding our life results. The subconscious simply makes a quick assessment of the majority and forces us to fit in, in order to maximize our security. If the majority are healthy, wealthy, and wise....the subconscious will force you to be healthy, wealthy, and order to fit in. If the majority is unhealed.

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