Colli K Christante

 On a very crisp autumn evening at the age of 12, my mom and I were visiting my older sister and her husband.  While I was looking up into the night sky filled with aura beaurialis and millions of twinkling stars my mom asked me what I was doing. I am talking to the stars I replied to which mom replied "why do you not think and talk like others? My response "I never have and never will". That moment, that night was the beginning of a quest.

After my mom's passing when I was 14, I continued to search and change and grow and heal spending many nights talking to the stars looking for wholeness and healing. I wanted so desperately to know how to return to love. I  began feeling like an outsider all the time. But when I talked to the stars, I had hope. Constellations, stars, became my constant companion.


My search has brought me to whom I have become and that is an Internationally recognized Mastering Performance Advisor, Systemic Trauma Family Constellation Facilitator, Yoni Constellator, Freedom From Self Sabotage Coach, Detective of Patterns, Beyond Master NLP Practitioner, Specialized Kinesiologist, Psych-K Practitioner,  Communication Expert, and a dynamic force as a Facilitator, Educator, bringing multi-dimensional healing to clients. I am also a certified RYT 500 Yoga Instructor, Published Author, Inspirational Speaker, Thought Leader, Social Innovator, Researcher, and Futurist.    

My life-long interest in patterns, mind-body communications motivated her to offer Specialized Mastering Performance Consulting services to Musicians such as Jay Semko, Directors, Producers such as Stephen Simon Actors, Author Sam Mukherjee, Author of Perfect Tangerine, In the Name of Love & Chopped Green Chillies in Vanilla Ice Cream, Sport Teams, Elite Athletes in the NHL such as Tim Preston, NBA Coach George Karl, PGA players such as Stephen Ames PGA Champion and executives such as Robbie Ames, General Manager of Sea Pines Country Club. Robbie is also Stephen Ames brother.


 Through the design, development, and delivery of communication and peak performance mastery training programs, I have earned an outstanding reputation as one of Canada's foremost communications experts for athletes. I am dedicated to assisting her clients and audiences to generate change in their lives and careers and is an in-demand leader specializing in advanced communication.


My life has been an ongoing journey to a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Divine and being of greater service to the individual and collective awakening (Awakening goes beyond coaching, teaching, mentoring and sponsorship to include the level of vision, mission, and spirit.) I support another person by providing contexts and experiences which bring out the best of that person’s understanding of love, self, and spirit. An awakener “awakens” others through his or her own integrity and congruence. An awakener puts other people in touch with their own missions and visions by being in full contact with his or her own vision and mission).  


For the last 32 years, I have worked in the field of evolving consciousness toward creating new forms for culture to be fully actualized. 


 My passion is to awaken, engage individuals to create a world that reflects their highest destiny.  I bring a deep intuition and remarkable scope of wisdom to my clients. I am passionate about supporting the current shift in consciousness by working with clients to transform their ener-genetic inheritance of the family lineage.  

Colli K Christante interviewing Stephen Simon of Spirtual Cinema

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Prior to graduating high school, my goal was to be a detective -- uncovering hidden patterns in language and life. Through education, training and life experiences (see below) life has brought me to achieve this goal.


Now ... As an Internationally recognized Mastering Performance Advisor, Systemic Constellation Facilitator, Detective of Patterns, Beyond Master NLP Practitioner, and Educator I am bringing multi-dimensional healing to clients. I am also a certified RYT 500 Yoga Instructor, Published Author, Inspirational Speaker, Thought Leader, Social Innovator, Researcher, and Futurist.   


2019 - 2021 Post Graduate -Systemic Trauma  University - Dr. Anngwyn st Just Ph.d

2020 ecl (Early Children's learning)

London UK


2016/2017/2018 Family Constellations with Mark Wolynn Director of the Family Institution Director of The Family Constellation Institute, The Inherited Trauma Institute and The Hellinger Institute of Northern California, Mark is North America’s leader in Inherited Family Trauma and author of “It Didn’t Start With You”


Family Constellations with Marina Toledo, The Hellinger Institute, Toronto Ont

2015 Write Your Book in 90 Days, Ann McIndoo, Palm Dessert, CA


2014 Total Product Blueprint (Brendon Buchard) Portland, OR

2013 Writers Intensive, Culver City, CA 2012 Bestseller Blueprint, Jack Canfield @ Bradley Communications Corp., Broomall Pennsylvania

2011 The Key to Living Your Supreme Destiny with Jean Houston, Evolving Wisdom LLC, San Rafael, CA


2010 Product Launch Formula, Internet Alchemy Inc, Durango CO

2009 Social Media Marketing, Community Futures Corporation, Nelson, BC
HTML Web Design Facebook Marketing for Business Twitter Marketing for Business

Fusion Marketing Blogging for Business

Web Marketing for Optimization Expression Web Design

2008 Certificate in Mastery, School of Mastery, Vancouver, BC

2007 Certificate in Successful Consulting and Contracting, Vancouver, BC Certificate in Transitions Training, Vancouver, BC

2006 Yoga RTY 500 Trainer Certification, Kairos Studios, White Rock, BC

2005 Conflict Resolution Workshop, Sorrento, BC

2004 Certificate in Coaches Training for “Flash Forward”, Los Angeles, CA

2002 Independent Producers TV/Film Workshop, Vancouver, BC Flash Forward Intensive Training, Vancouver, BC

2000 Certificate in Writing, Marketing, Communication, Public Relations, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC

1998 Intensive Language Certification - Decoding the Structure of Language, NLP Connection, Society of NLP, Santa Cruz, CA

1994 - 2000 Certified Kinesiologist Certifications



Advanced Brain Integration Certification


Advanced HYPERTON-X Advanced Structure



Advanced Muscle Testing Certification

Advanced Touch for Health Certification New Method Kinesiology Institute, Vancouver, BC

1998 Lifeskills Facilitator, Concordia University, Edmonton, AB


1990 -2017 NLP Certifications

Research and Strategies for NLP Developers

NLP University, Santa Cruz, CA

Certified Neuro- Linguistic Programming Trainer, NLP University, Santa Cruz, CA

Certification in Decoding the Structure of Langauge, Society of NLP, Santa Cruz, CA 

High Level Sensory Acuity Certification, BBC London, UK

Masters in NLP Communication, Society of NLP, Santa Cruz, CA


Certified Practitioner

Neuro- Linguistic Programming


Certified Master Practitioner Neuro- Linguistic Programming

Certified Advanced Master Neuro- Linguistic Programming

1980 – 1990 Journalism, Field Production, Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, Toronto, ON Advanced Television Production Course, BCIT, Vancouver, BC

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