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Systemic Trauma and Family Constellations

So grateful to all who have reached out to inquire about Systemic Trauma and Family Constellations. This series is a great insight into both and MY WORK which I am so PASSIONATE about. What epigenetics is teaching us about inherited trauma? In this video, Alyne D'Oliveira talks about the new series on Netflix Another Self explaining that the name given to the work "The expansion of the family of origin" is the actual traditional work of systemic family constellations as it shows in a few episodes of the book of mark Wolynn "It didn't start with you". Mark Wolynn trained with Bert Hellinger, the creator of Family Constellations. This is a German form of Psychotherapy that looks into family traumas from previous generations. It helps to release emotional pain and shows how you can move forward by clearing away loyalty to family pain and unconscious fear of happiness. It helps to develop a more allowing mind and creates more connection with an abundant flow of life. This series should definitely be on your watchlist

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