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Single Session Systemic Trauma

  • 1 h
  • 180 Canadian dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

What is Constellation Work? ​ "Family constellation work is a therapeutic approach that explores the hidden dynamics and unresolved traumas within a family system. It is based on the idea that our ancestors, even those we have never met, can have a profound impact on our lives, influencing our beliefs, behaviors, and relationships. By revealing and resolving these hidden patterns and traumas, family constellation work can help clients find healing and a deeper sense of personal growth. ​ During a family constellation session, the client works with a trained facilitator to identify and explore their family system. This may involve using physical objects or other participants to represent family members or ancestors. Through this process, the client gains insights into the dynamics and traumas within their family system, and how these may be impacting their own life. ​ Family constellation work can help clients in a number of ways. It can provide clarity and understanding about past experiences and patterns of behavior, allowing clients to break free from negative cycles and move towards more fulfilling relationships and life goals. It can also help clients heal from ancestral trauma and release negative emotions that have been passed down through generations. By addressing these underlying issues, clients can experience a greater sense of peace, purpose, and fulfillment in their lives. ​ Overall, family constellation work offers a unique and powerful approach to therapy, one that can provide profound healing and growth for clients seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their family system." Whatever your issue, Constellation Work can help give you a new perspective and healing experience. ​It is a brilliant, body-based method to reveal how the unfinished business of your ancestors may be contributing to problems in your life, your family’s lives, and those of your children. ​Science is now corroborating that trauma is passed through the generations epigenetically. We are each a part of a web of our family system. Trauma, tragedy, destructive secrets, premature deaths (or other significant events like war and domestic violence) that have not been resolved can become the burden of subsequent generations. Constellation Work identifies and clears those previously hidden loyalties so they no longer need to be carried and lived out. Otherwise, transgenerational traumas will continue to be expressed through personal difficulties with

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations please allow 48 hours notice unless cancellation is due to sudden illness or other sudden unfortunate circumstances - thank you in advance. In kindness, Colli

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