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As women, in the midst of our busy lives, we can sometimes feel disconnected. The constant “doing” in our lives can really wear us down. The constant doing for others leaves us sometimes wondering

Where did I go? How did I lose me? Where is my joy juice?


This is why I have created this retreat: "The Courage to Be".


Join myself, Colli Christante and special guest Seasonn B O'Niry (Certified Yamuna Body Rolling Instructor) for your week-end retreat. You will embark on a sacred journey where you can explore beautiful and quiet surroundings, as well as inquire into your inner landscape.


We will spend our week-end “un-doing”— letting go of the busy-ness of all the doing in our lives. The pace of the week -end will be completely relaxed, with Yoga, Family Constellations, eating deliciously fresh organic meals prepared by Seasonn B O' Niry (Certified CHEK nutritional holistic coach), explore quiet surroundings, being quiet, meditating, resting, laughing, journaling, dancing, and bonding.

Friday afternoon we will unwind, while chatting and nibbling on appies.


Saturday I will offer a Hatha practice and a Kundalini program I created called "The Courage to Be"... this is where we will explore, reconnect with our true feminine essence and get our joy juice flowing.  


On Sunday I offer you the option of doing a one-on one private Family Constellations session. Sunday afternoon  Seasonn B O'Niry. (Certified Yamuna Body Rolling instructor) will offer her body rolling class. Body Rolling is like having a massage that leaves you feeling absolutely blissful. It is like the icing on the cake. Nummy. Relaxing. Refreshing.


I know that you will return home with many new points of view, and a sense that “being” can be even more interesting than “doing.” I believe in power and presence and peace.


I love going deep but laughter is included. I am passionate about sharing "The Courage to Be" and Family Constellations because I have experienced and seen for others how vital and renewing it can be. This retreat is for women, newbies or practiced Yoga and Family Constellation curious.


All practices are accessible to all levels of fitness and experience.


These retreats are very sacred and private and to honour the women who will be attending, I limit the weekend to 4 women.


WEEKENDS currently with some availability:

      May 11th, 12th, 13th (sold out)

  June 1st, 2nd, 3rd

       July 13th, 14th, 15th

This is an all inclusive 3 day/2 night weekend at a fee of  only 580.00.

For more information and to book please contact me: and 306-716-9218. 

    My Sacred Space       Welcomes You

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