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Specialized Kinesiology

"She does kinesiology therapy ... something I was really excited about. Somehow it shows my body knows more than I knew. Somehow my body knows. My body is intelligent. Somehow my body knows, how come I did not know that. That means we are not allowing the body to come into action. You should talk to Colli".

~ Master Dyhan Vimal 



Do you realize you live in your body of beliefs? 












No one is “sick” because they consciously choose to be sick. However, if you truly want to have an impact on the state of your physiology you must get conscious. You have to realize what you have been doing unconsciously so you can start doing it differently.

Over the years working with people, while also moving through my own personal journey of having to deal with my “stuff,” I have been able to gain a broader view of who gets sick and why.

In short, it comes down to our own personal belief systems about ourselves, which were shaped and formed throughout our life experiences. Some of us are aware of these things, some are not, but almost ALL (including self) struggle to connect with how much power these experiences have had over their personal health. 

Using a combination of body-centered techniques, sensitivity training, and mastery, you will take a journey into your body to uncover and witness the full light and compassion of your Presence the core beliefs that have been holding you back from your essence of being. This allows the being’s organic capacity for self healing to activate and reverse the unconscious programs that have kept you from seeing yourself in the full magnificence of who you really are.


And so, what is PTTK?


PTTK has evolved through Colli’s study and research of many forms of modalities and Colli’s own unique form of balancing the whole person.


This is a holistic approach to resetting and aligning the body, mind, emotions and creative energies. It is a blend of such forms as New Method Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Applied Kinesiology, Whole Brain Integration, Bio-Kinesiology, Nutritional Balancing, Hyperton-X, Advance Structure, Maximum Athletic Performance, Reactive Muscles, The Art of Neuro Languaging, Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Metaphysics and Self Mastery as taught by Dyhan Vimal. 

 This is Specialized Kinesiology which is the most holistic of all the natural health care systems. I am not treating disease or conditions. I am working in another dimension. The interest is Better Health overall: How to obtain, maintain and improve it by becoming aware of our mind, body, soul and it's special needs.

PTTK balances all levels of the individual—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual…The Whole Person.


As an awakener Colli supports you by providing contexts and experiences that bring out your highest understanding of love, self, and spirit. 


An awakener “awakens” others through his or her own integrity and congruence. An awakener puts other people in touch with their own missions and visions by being in full contact with his or her own purpose and goals.


Colli’s goal, her attitude, and her intention is to restore the whole person to a balanced state of health…she now speaks to Whole Person Consciousness and PTTK opens the way for this to happen:


Pockets of Through Time KinesiologyTM involves the art and science of muscle testing using the relative ability of muscles to hold their associated bones in place. Weak, overstrong, frozen, muscles can cause the skeletal structure to shift out of alignment causing structural problems. These structural problems, if left unchecked, can lead to other physiological and neurological problems as the internal structures shift and compress to accommodate the structural changes. The timely return to balance and proper alignment is essential in order to restore important physiological flows.

Muscle testing is a gentle, non-invasive method of tapping into the individual’s “record system,” far beyond what can be retrieved by the conscious mind alone. 

Stronger force testing (that Colli uses in Applied Kinesiology) reveals structural or postural imbalances. 


Light touch delves into the precision of the emotional, psychological, and/or energetic imbalances that can cause discomfort or be the underlying cause of physical symptoms.


Every experience that you have ever had is recorded in different ways and in different parts of the dynamic balance of energies that make up who you are. (These “different ways” and “different parts” are some of what makes up the “mind”—which is not a location but rather a dynamic state of being not confined to the brain.)


We are continually bombarded with information from our senses that we’re not aware of, yet that information is recorded in our brains and resurfaces when similar situations arise. 


On a conscious level it’s simply not possible to evaluate every piece of data coming in. Instead, we process all but the tiniest percentage automatically. Our subconscious mind instantly evaluates the degree to which something might affect our survival, and assesses how it may compare to past experiences. If the incoming information resembles something that has been stored in our memory reserve, it triggers a reflexive memory pattern. As a result, we unconsciously repeat the same response we have done many times in the past, without even realizing it!


The first time you fell in love, information from that experience was recorded by both sides of the brain: the left brain in terms of gender roles or personal worth; the right brain may have recorded the atmosphere, time of year, music that was playing and every nuance of your sweetheart’s body language. The body would have recorded the presence of the “chemicalization of euphoria,” possibly sexual awakening, or the temperature of your sweetheart’s hand in your own. The energy bodies would have recorded the expansion of the auric field toward your sweetheart across a crowded room. The thing that all these levels have in common is the strong positive emotion welded to the experience.


Always acting on past programming or trauma, the emotional mind can still cause the wise to desire and even fall in love with people, things or behaviors that are not what we would want for ourselves. Our emotional mind often doesn’t grow into our newfound wisdom and understanding as fast as our rational present-day mind does. Even though our present day rational mind may know what we need, we, for the most part, are still slaves to our autonomic emotional mind and its chemistry. And the emotional mind, for the most part, is a slave to memories of our past including our genetic past.


In PTTK, Colli is working with the Brain (the past—stored in the Common Integrative Area (CIA) and the future—stored in the Conscious Associative Thinking area (CAT)).


The Common Integrative Area receives all incoming sensations. Its job is to automatically connect remembered experience with current sensation to determine a common meaning. The CIA selects how to “react,” based upon learned (programmed) survival patterns.


It reaches its conclusion and then sends signals into other portions of the brain areas to produce the appropriate responses. Under stress the CIA takes total charge, withdrawing circulation from all brain areas not directly related to the physical/ emotional survival. The CIA is our self-image center—the center of the EGO!


It is also the housing of our belief system and our self-esteem. The CIA’S priority is survival: FEAR! PAIN! or FEAR of PAIN!—avoid at all costs!


The Conscious Associative Thinking area (CAT) is located within the frontal lobes of both hemispheres. There is no function of the body that cannot be consciously controlled when this area of the brain is in charge. It is usually in charge 5% of the time. CAT has “now” awareness and relates to first-time or one-time-only perception. CAT has no feeling/emotion attached to its function. When CAT is operating as the primary influence, all past and/or current feeling/emotion seems fuzzy to us—relatively unimportant. We are just right there in the present time, experiencing everything as is.


CAT has the ability to automatically defuse CIA’S impact and permit calm, emotion-free reactions to what is going on, with an eye to new options and alternatives. CAT can be short circuited by emotional stress. Choice activates CAT. Choosing to choose is the dominant’s brain computer command to function as a whole.


Once we are fore-brain dominant we operate without the fear-based limitations of the past feeling experience and we get the good of the positive, successful, productive experience stored in the memory banks of both brain hemispheres.


Through PTTK, Colli aligns the logical levels, which include environment, behavior, experience, language-senses-movement, capabilities, values, beliefs, and identity, using whole person integration.


One of the most striking values of this program is its commitment to support and enhance other programs already in existence. Rather than being a system alternative to other systems, the PTTK program is a “met-system,” which means it draws together and effectively interrelates and integrates the efforts of various training programs working individually.


This work resets and brings you back to the best of you.


Some of the benefits of PTTK:


1: Assists in awakening intuition

2: Integrates Mind/Body so that there is room for extraordinary peace, personal power and transcendent joy in your life

3: Teaches the knowledge discipline of anticipating what your emotions can become and how to rechannel and negotiate them into a more favorable outcome

4: Balances the electrical energy to the body and brain thereby increasing physical and mental energy

5: Provides a way for peeling away lies and myths that encrust the individual

6: Balances emotional patterns that inhibit cooperation between body and mind.

7: Teaches you how to access your inner vision

8: Personalizes nutrition, including vitamin, mineral and cleansing programs

9: Raises your frequency and vibration

10: Teaches you how to live fully in the now, the only time you have. In the now, PTTK opens the way to reach the best of you from within you.


PTTK teaches people how to use mental faculties previously dormant within them so they can accomplish goals they had until then believed they were beyond them.


This release of new energy greatly enhances the potential of what can be accomplished, helping you to discover the best of you, your uniqueness and passion with excellence.


The natural state of the human being is integrated. This is the state of optimal health on all levels and can be reached through PTTK.

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