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Owning the Zone

~ Mastering Performance

For those of us who are very good at anything, there is a particular pleasure in this experience, that no amount of exploring can fulfill. We created this, built this, learned this, embodied this, to a place of mastery in this. We bore the challenges and setbacks, stuck with it, and became highly skilled. You’ve sought and enjoy mastery in some practice, or perhaps are wonderfully on the way there.


But some of you may be feeling regret that somehow, in your life, this has not happened yet. Most of us long for some kind of sustained commitment to something a career, a practice, and we’re missing something if we have the sense that we’re unable to do thismodel that kind of consistency.

There are so many things that can go wrong in childhood that make “sticking with something” very hard. It can be a chaotic childhood that doesn’t role model that kind of consistency.


Or an interrupted attachment with parents that makes it hard for us to attach to our own life path.


Or an ancestral history that was filled with suffering and heartache with which we are entangled. Sometimes, a several trauma inhibits our brain’s ability to cope well in life generally.


Or, it can be oppression: racism, sexism, colonialism, ableism – all of these can be structural impediments to being able to pursue our masterful callings.


I have many clients who come to me, feeling like they have been unable to fulfill their potential and are filled with longing for it.


We can all OWN our special genius and give it in service to others. Family Constellation work can be a great resource for healing just these kinds of interruptions.)


Wanting to clear the path of what stands in your way of you mastering your performance and stepping into your excellence in all areas of your life?



                                                               Believe Breathe Create

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