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            Awakening & Rekindling Desire ...

The Essential Ingredient in Healing Trauma

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Through the Family Constellation we come to understand many families have an unspoken history, and safe within the silence lies the remains of traumas too great to be resolved in one generation.


These traumas, heartbreaks and difficult fates seek resolution in each subsequent generation in our life and in our children. The body's natural response to trauma in the past may have been life-saving then - but for us, it becomes life depleting.


When we transform this disturbance at its source we are liberated and available to discover our authentic response to life.


A Family Constellation is a process that allows you to discover the invisible underlying dynamics that you are involved in, often coming from the family of origin.


Bert Hellinger, the founder of this work (Family Constellations) observed that many of us unconsciously "take on" destructive familial patterns of anxiety, depression, anger, aloneness, addictions, and even mental and physical illnesses as a way of "belonging" in our families.


Family Constellations shows us where these entanglements are and often just the awareness is enough to softly shift the energy. This opens us up to the flow of love that was there all along and so that we can rekindle our desires, which means living happier, healthier fulfilled lives.


In short, constellations allow us to break destructive family patterns. They give us a deeper understanding as to why we feel the way we feel, do the things we do and do not do the things we want to achieve in our lives!


Sometimes, severe TRAUMA (unknown and known) inhibits our brain’s ability to cope well in life generally and all of these can be structural impediments to be able to pursue our desires ... callings.


 I have many clients who come to me, feeling like they have been unable to fulfill their potential and are filled with longing for it.


We can all OWN our special genius and give it in service to others. Family Constellation is a great resource for healing just these kinds of interruptions and then we need to AWAKEN, REKINDLE our DESIRES in order to completely heal otherwise we are not dead but not alive.





























Wanting to clear the path of what stands in the way of you living your life fulfillingly in all areas of your life?


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