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Our culture, families, and even friends condition us to believe that our authentic self is “too much," our perspective "too weird," and our vision for life "too impractical or ungrounded."  Over time, we begin to sequester our truth and mystical genius, while giving in to keep our relationships intact and our jobs stable. By participating in conditioned ways of being that keep us loveable, agreeable, and normal, we betray our truth, our life purpose, in essence, our reality, simply to belong.In this confusion, It’s easy to get so lost we can scarcely distinguish our fears from our desires. We take responsibility for the distance in our relationships with ourselves and loved ones, adopting the belief that we deserve our problems and are at fault for feeling alone or being stuck.  In striving to become a better partner, parent, sibling, friends, employee, etc., self-improvement becomes the whip with which we flog ourselves. Hard as we try, our Self proves itself time and again highly resistant to improving. Colli shows it’s possible to cultivate love, money, and creativity without succumbing to the mainstream conditioned reality. Whether in individual therapy or mentoring, group workshops or our deep dive Immersion program, we look to release the bitter cycle of casting out flaws and having them boomeranging back. 

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